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SLP Coffee Talk

Jul 18, 2022

Wondering what you need for your CFY? 


With back-to-school time quickly approaching for some, I wanted to chat on this episode of SLP Coffee Talk about some things that you need as a brand new CF. 


Now, if you aren’t a CF, don’t skip this episode! All of the things I’m sharing with you could apply to you too. These things have been essential in my time as an SLP and I want you to go into your first day fully prepared and ready for whatever comes. 


There are so many things I wish I knew back when I was completing my CFY. I know it can be overwhelming, but these are some of the top things that I think you will need as a CF. I am still learning even now so it’s my goal to help you get a head start. 


Tune in to hear my top five essentials that you’ll want to have ready to go so that you can begin your CF ready and prepared for whatever comes your way! 


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