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SLP Coffee Talk

May 25, 2020

Do you find handling older speech students challenging? How do you utilize their textbooks and how do you get them to buy-in?

In this episode, we are going to answer questions about working with older speech students with my guest, Gabby Schecter from Language & Lattes.  Since graduating in 2011, Gabby has spent her...

May 18, 2020

Kids these days face a myriad of problems that rob them of their happiness. We see students on the spectrum with anger issues or suicide ideation. How do you exactly get in their head, see the world in their perspective, and bring them joy?


In this episode, I am chatting with a very special guest whose books I love,...

May 11, 2020

What materials do you use for older students that function at a first-grade level or ones that have social skill challenges?  In this area, especially during this crisis time, boom cards, stickers, and cartoons won't work.  So what are you going to do? 


In today's episode, I have Speech Dude, Chris Wenger on the show...

May 4, 2020

Are you running out of ideas for your teletherapy sessions? Do you have multiple goals but don't have a ton of time to prepare? You're in for a treat today!


In this episode, I'm sharing with you my favorite online resources for free books and articles. These are resources you can easily incorporate with...