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SLP Coffee Talk

Sep 27, 2021

As SLP’s, we know that students all develop and think differently. 


In this episode, we are talking with Danielle Kent about self-regulation, co-regulation, and how to better support our students whose brains work differently. 


Danielle is a mom, wife, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is wild about equipping...

Sep 20, 2021

As SLP’s in school settings, we collaborate with many people including teachers, paras, social workers, and parents.


Many people forget about the specials teachers, but they are important too!


These teachers may not have the background knowledge needed to modify and assist our students, so that is where we come...

Sep 13, 2021

Team collaboration and communication are so important between SLPs and special education teachers. We work with them quite a bit! 


In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk,  I am chatting with Heather Cacioppo. Heather is a middle school self-contained life skills special education teacher with a Master’s degree in...

Sep 6, 2021

Are you wondering what virtual tools you can use to remain contactless or are you looking to incorporate a little more technology into your classroom?


In this episode, I am sharing my five favorite virtual tools to use with my students!


These tools are incredibly useful, and they will make your planning so much...