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SLP Coffee Talk

May 30, 2022

Do you have routines established for your speech room? 


There are so many benefits to having an established routine in place in your speech therapy practice that many don’t think of. Routines help students get the practice they need to reach their goals faster, and it helps you with planning and progress...

May 23, 2022

How do you feel about AAC devices? 


If you think everything surrounding AAC is a little scary, you’re not alone! Many SLPs feel this way, but it doesn't have to be scary! AAC devices can benefit our students in so many ways, you just have to understand it and be patient. 


In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I sat...

May 16, 2022

How are SLPs different than reading teachers?   


This is a question I see a lot in my SLP Elevate membership. People want to know how we can differentiate ourselves from a standard reading teacher and show our value without just doing the same thing over and over. Some even wonder why students even come to us for...

May 9, 2022

Let’s talk about special education! 


As SLPs, many of us work closely with special education teachers. Collaboration is an important part of helping students reach their goals. Sometimes that’s easier said than done though. There is a lot that goes into each role, and it can be easy to lose sight of that and get...

May 2, 2022

Do you use gaming and technology in speech therapy? 


One of the keys to getting students more engaged in their speech therapy sessions is utilizing their interests, and for many kids, that’s gaming and technology. A lot of SLPs are wary about incorporating those though because they don’t want to give children too...